About Us

  The Bath Soap company is located in Bath, Pennsylvania. That is where our name comes from, plus the fact that we do also make bath soap. We are a company of two...a husband and wife team. Our names are Jim and Mish. All of this soaping actually came about because of our quest for the perfect poison ivy soap.

  No matter how careful Jim is, he always manages to get the poison ivy rash a few times a year. It came to our attention that the remedy for his rash (jewelweed) was growing in abundance right down the road from our house! We tried numerous recipes until we found the one that gave him the best relief, and now we are offering that to you! 

   We enjoyed soaping so much that we just kept on making and creating new bars for everyday use. Natural ingredients make all the difference. All of our soaps are cold processed. We use skin loving butters and oils that cleanse, moisturize, and make your skin feel great!

   Buy with confidence, knowing that there are no chemicals or harsh ingredients in our soaps. Not all of our soaps are fully vegan. We do use goat milk and real raw honey in a few of our soaps, but we never use any animal fats in our soap. You will find an ingredient list on this website. Thank you for considering our products. It is truly an honor to serve you.

Please be aware that these statements have not been approved by the FDA The Bath Soap Company does not claim to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or conditions. Even with the use of natural ingredients, there is a rare chance of a skin reaction, in which case, discontinue use and consult a physician.